Black Rice

black rice

Packed with various vitamins, fiber and the most powerful antioxidants, Black Rice is the healthiest choice of all rice. De-husked, not milled, Black Rice maintains its black colour and its rich nutrients.


Red Rice

red rice

Rich in minerals and vitamins, Red Rice retains its red burgundy colour when cooked. Red Rice boasts its pleasant and nutty flavour and is ideal for those who are gluten intolerent.


Brown Jasmine Rice (Hom Mali)

brown jasmine_rice

Because only the outermost layer of the rice is removed during a milling process, Brown Jasmine Rice is rich in vitamins. With earthy fragance and slightly brown colour, Brown Jasmine Rice is many consumers’ alternative choice to white rice.


White Jasmine Rice (Hom Mali)

white jasmine_rice

The best known when it comes to Thai rice, White Jasmine Rice boasts its aromatic scent, well-shaped grain and silky smooth texture. White Jasmine Rice is pure white and tender when cooked, filling your kitchen with sweet and distintive fragance that is similar to a pandanus plant.

Grace Bio's Rice Production

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